Engineers responsible for training
At each power Station there is a senior engineer who makes a special point of looking after the interests of apprentices. The engineer at your power station is Mr. J.P. Capes

While you are on the full-time technical college course you must take the college holidays. This will mean that you will have more holiday than you are entitled to at the station but you will be given work to do by the college. When you are at a power station, it is very important that you check with your Supervisor before you make any arrangements for holidays, giving at least two weeks notice. Your holiday entitlement for the year starting on the 1st April 1964 is 6 working days. Your entitlement from 1st April 1965, and for subsequent years is 2 weeks.

Educational Incentives Scheme
There is a scheme which provides awards and prizes for good progress at technical college. Up to 75% of your fees can be refunded on successful completion of an approved course and book token prizes up to two and five guinea's can be awarded for passing certain examinations. Claims for awards under the terms of this scheme should be made on form R.83 obtainable from your engineer responsible for training.

If you are ill while you are on the full-time course, you should notify me immediately and let me have a doctor's certificate not later than the third day of your illness, and after that at weekly intervals. When you are at a station, the notification and certificates should go to your station superintendent. If you are ill, wherever you are, you should always notify the Ministry of National Insurance. If you do not send in the notes you may have some difficulties with your wages later on, and you will not be able to claim sick pay.

Your sick pay entitlement is as follows:

(a)   after 6 months' continuous service but less than
  12 months' - 6 weeks.
(b)   after 12 months' continuous service - 13 weeks.

NOTE:- "There shall be deducted from each weekly payment the
sickness benefit to which you are entitled under the
National Insurance Act, 1946."

On your first day at the power station you will be given overalls. You should make your own arrangements for laundry. Later on at the Power Station you will be given details about replacement overalls.

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