I started my apprenticeship at Lincoln Power Station on 23rd September 1963. The next day I attended Burton-on-Trent Tech. on a 1 Year full time Mech. Elec. and Instrument course.

The following September I returned to Burton Tech on Block release. I remember well the daily coach trips between digs in Derby and Burton Tech.

After the initial Tech. training it was time to decide which trade to take up, I chose E.M.D. and continued power station training in E.M.D. Shortly afterwards I was encouraged to transfer to I.M.D. and then started Block release at Aston Tech. in Birmingham.

Training continued at West Burton, Cottam & Staythorpe power stations, and I transferred to Student Trainee in 1968, and then worked in various other sections (Station Lab., Efficiency, Operations, Transmission etc.)

After training I worked at Lincoln power station, Walsall/Ocker Hill Wolverhampton power stations, Hams Hall 'B' & 'C' power stations. During the late 70's early 80's (lots of power station closures at that time) I transferred to System Ops. and worked in Telecomms at Birmingham Grid Control Centre until Oct 2001.