I started an Apprenticeship with Nottingham Power station just down the road from Trent Bridge but dammed if I can remember the name of the place.

Started in 1965 with a pre course at Burton on Trent, then to start in 1966 with some other guys of whom their names escape me, (Old age creeping on) but do remember Dave Hubbard, Derek? who had a brother Ray who's father looked after a primary school just up the road from the station, ? Knowles, ? Henderson, both of these were in Electrical, Derek, David Mort and myself were in Mechanical.

Unfortunately I left in August 1969 for Australia and have never looked back until I stumbled upon this web site and memories came flooding back.

I seem to remember a person named Dave Robb but cannot put a face to him yet.

(aka Splitpin).   (Western Australia) and loving it !!!!!!!!!   ( Skype/Node phone, 0895170060 )