My name is Gerald Cartwright I was in the 1969 intake and served my time at Drakelow. I was amazed to see my face staring through the motor windings, and also on the turbine pictures taken at Drakelow 'A' in about 1971/72 for some apprentice exhibition or other.

The older guy in the pictures is Freddie Golder the Drakelow apprentice training foreman. The other person I think is someone called Ian Fretwell, I think he was a student apprentice.

After Drakelow I worked at High Marnham from 1973 to 1976, In 1977 I moved to Rugeley and have been there ever since. I still think that the C.E.G.B. apprenticeship scheme was better than most schemes available now, even with there NVQs, but times change as they say.