My name is John Hibberd, I started with the CEGB in 1981 at Drakelow as a Mechanical Apprentice on the 'B' Stn. Then spent the next 4 years at Burton Tech, Erdington Tech The PTC at Drakelow or on Drakelow Site. (Happy days!).

Having finished my Apprenticeship in 1985 I was taken on as a supernumerary craftsman still at Drakelow. In 1986 I spent 3 months seconded to Berkeley Nuclear power station in Gloucestershire. In September 1986 I was transferred to Willington where I spent the next 7 years in MMD as both a shift and day fitter. In 1993 I jumped the great divide from maintenance to operations and spent the next 2 years as a craftsman operator still at Willington.

In 1995 I moved to Didcot B CCGT Power Station in Oxfordshire where I still am to this day (Currently employed as a shift team leader).

I recognise loads of names from the website.