Joined from school & went into EMD. I took severance in 1990, but got back with CCGT's in 1994 at Little Barford then on to Kings Lynn. Divorced, then moved as E&lCI Engineer to High Marnham. Closure sent me overseas in Vietnam as E,C&I Engineer at a new CCGT. Now in Vietnam consulting as owners engineer for new build power plant in Vietnam.

WestBurton. Ted Taylor, Graham Samuels, Buzz Webb, Tom Pritchyard, Brian Aldridge, Ron Elsham, Eric Otter, John Pettinger, Clive Johnson, Dick Birkett, Daz Davies, Vince Naylor, Monty Morris, Eric Wall, John Ford, Eric Marsall
- great memories of "THE GOOD OLD DAYS".
Kings Lynn. Barry Greenhow, Geoff Hawes, Ian Edgar, Roger Hancock, Tom Bell, Dave Webster, Scott Brumby, Mark Pankhurst..
High Marnham. Dave Bell, Denis Sturnham, Adrian Brewer, Terry Fitchet, Alam Holmes, Dave Cook, Karl Else, Gary Robson, Charlie Britton, Dave Clay, Dave Lowles.