I started my apprenticeship in 1988, firstly going to Erdington College & then onto the Plant Training Centre. My first year was spent in digs in Erdington with 4 other apprentices who were destined for Drakelow:

I'm not sure what happened to the guys above with the exception of Ashley as he is working at Ratcliffe in EMD.

I have fond memories of my time at Erdington & also the Plant Training Centre & still believe this apprenticeship at the time was world class. I also have fond memories of the lecturers at Erdington & the Plant Training Centre & remember names such as George White, Dave Camillio, Graham Platt, John Kenwright to name a few.

I went on from Drakelow MMD to Killingholme in 1994, then onto Castleford CHP as Maintenance Co-ordinator, then into E.ON Asset Management as a GT Integrity Engineer & am currently working for E.ON Climate & Renewables as a Project Manager for conventional plant conversions (currently working over at Ironbridge).